At the mention of veganism, the first thing that pops into your mind is a plant-based diet. While that is definitely one part, veganism is much more than what’s on our plates.

A vegan lifestyle means not using any products of animal origin, including our clothing.

Conventional fashion materials used to make clothing are from animals that we farm and turn into products, and they don’t live very happily during their short lifespan. They are prematurely killed not just for food, but for clothing, shoes, products, and also due to cosmetics animal testing.

Fortunately, some fashion brands are aware of how animal-derived materials like exotic animal skins, fur, and leather contribute to the environmental crisis, and how harmful they are to the animals.

These brands are making the responsible choices to create vegan designer bags, clothes, and shoes with cruelty-free, recycled, and sustainable materials. 

The rise of vegan and sustainable fashion

Modern fashion is so much more than a well-pressed suit or a striking dress; it is also about wearing your statement. This explains why internet searches for sustainable fashion have tripled between 2016 and 2019.

As people become more aware of the real impact of climate change and the clothing production’s social impact on communities worldwide, they are now seeking a more sustainable way of life.

In the process, core shopping habits have also changed, from choosing sustainable fashion and ethically sourced materials to opting for cruelty-free beauty products.

Lyst, a global fashion search engine, experienced a massive 75 percent increase in sustainability-related keywords searched in 2019. Some of the most popular search terms were ‘Econyl’ and ‘organic cotton,’ while sustainable sneakers and denim were the most popular fashion products searched.

Younger generation shoppers are more likely to purchase from brands and designers whose values mirror their own personal ethical, natural, sustainable, conscious, and organic values.

The increased consumer demand is changing how designers and brands produce their items. The result is an increase in the number of smaller participants in the vegan fashion design industry, which is also affecting the changes we see in larger brands.

These changes include materials used in their production and packaging processes. The competitive landscape of the fashion industry is rapidly shifting. Brands are now trying to outdo each other in terms of affordability and sustainability. They are also becoming socially conscious to appeal to a growing vegan population. 

Luxury vegan designers & brands

Products from these luxury vegan fashion designers and brands are increasingly popular. They are long-term investments beneficial for the consumer and the environment.

  • Leticia CredidioShe is the PETA’s Designer to Watch 2019 winner, thanks to her innovative sleepwear and loungewear pieces. Each of her clothes is handstitched in Italy to promote sustainability. All her designs draw inspiration from nature, especially when it comes to naming and fabric uses. Some of her pieces are made from OEKO-TEX-certified seaweed fabric, which means the clothes are free from harmful chemicals. The fabric is not only sustainable but also helps promote hydration during wear for a comfortable feel in bed.
  • Alexandra KThis designer is on a mission is to convert people by proving that luxury fashion can be sustainable and ethical. The brand is continually developing innovative alternatives to create luxury vegan designer bags and accessories. For instance, instead of using conventional polyurethane, Alexandra utilizes 100 percent silicon, non-plastic Freedom-Leather, which has no strain on the environment. Another unique fabric from the brand includes the Apple-Leather created from leftover harvested apples!
  • Svala – What would you do with a pile of cork, pineapple, and recycled plastic bottles? For Svala, these are the three basics in making vegan bags and purses. Their classic designs ooze of innovation and attention to detail. The brand donates 10 percent of its profits to wildlife charities that help stop illegal animal trading all over the world.

Affordable vegan designers & brands

Vegan Brand Bag

When it comes to vegan fashion, the price tags for quality can be daunting. That is why we are sharing brands that make shopping for ethical pieces an affordable experience.

  • Selkie Swim Co – This brand has a collection swimwear made out of Econyl fiber from textile waste and regenerated ghost nets. The material is extra resistant to sun cream and chlorine, which means it maintains its color and shape longer. The British designers are all about empowering open water swimmers with fashion inspired by water textures and tones.
  • Pact – For every day, super-soft apparel that is long-lasting, this leading vegan brand has a selection of pieces for babies, toddlers, and the entire family. Their garments are fair trade and GOTS-certified for comfortable all-year wear.
  • Urban Expressions – The brand offers affordable, flirty, glamorous, edgy, yet ethical vegan designer bags and accessories. Their items are Vegan-certified and PETA-approved, so you’ll feel comfortable and stylish while flaunting their vegan-inspired collection. 

Veganism is making a breakthrough in most industries, including the fashion world. The shift is unstoppable as more designers, brands, and retailers adopt sustainable alternatives. To help spread the word about fabulous vegan products you can find, tell your friends about the fabulous vegan bag you’ve got from Vegan-A-Porter!